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Hotel As Brisas do Freixo

Restoration Galicia

Restoration Galicia

In the restaurant, hotel´s chef delights the exquisitely prepared senses with specialties of the zone, plates, directly from the port to the plate and, of course, with the best quality meat with Origin Denomination “Ternera Gallega”. In the zone of O Freixo (Outes) take place many varieties of the best seafood of Galicia (mussels, cockles, clams, shrimps, oysters, stroke, spider crab...)

 Hotel As Brisas do Freixo - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 c/ Porto do Freixo, 63 - 15288 - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 Tlfs. +34 981 765 744 | +34 981 843 583
 FAX. +34 981 843 584

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