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Hotel As Brisas do Freixo



Leisure in O Freixo, Outes (Galicia)

Leisure Highlights:

Horseback Riding: Equestrian rides, a paradise for horses and for you.

Catamaran Trip: Enjoy a trip by catamaran and the estuary of Muros Noia.

Windsurfing: Windsurf out of the sea and enjoy your time practicing.

Rowing: Unloading stress enjoy a kayak ride through the estuary.

Albariño Route: Enjoy the best white wine in the world with Albariño Route.

 Hotel As Brisas do Freixo - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 c/ Porto do Freixo, 63 - 15288 - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 Tlfs. +34 981 765 744 | +34 981 843 583
 FAX. +34 981 843 584