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Hotel As Brisas do Freixo

Fotos y Vídeos

Photo and Video

Here you will be able to go to one complete visual information, with photos and videos, of As Brisas do Freixo Hotel. Through it, you can verify the quality of our rooms, restaurant, the surroundings and the services that the As Brisas do Freixo Hotel has for you.

Go to Photos to see the different photo galleries that we have created, or the one of Videos for get an idea of the services with which our hotel in Galicia.

 Hotel As Brisas do Freixo - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 c/ Porto do Freixo, 63 - 15288 - Outes (A Coruña) - Galicia
 Tlfs. +34 981 765 744 | +34 981 843 583
 FAX. +34 981 843 584